Elements unwilling to internalize change are obstructions: CM Shahi

Bhaktapur, Aug 28: Chief Minister of Karnali State, Mahendra Bahadur Shahi, has said elements which failed to internalize changes in the country have emerged as challenges.

At an interaction organized by Raphat Media Club here Wednesday, Chief Minister Shahi pointed out the need of unity among all sides to fight such elements that are intending to fuel instability to obstruct country's development pace. Such obstruction on prosperity would challenge nationality, he argued.

According to him, inconvenience in implementing federalism was witnessed because of delayed formulation of laws. "Despite the passage of one and half year since the country formally adopted the federal system, the laws required for it are still awaited. It has not only questioned constitution but also distanced the federal, State and local level governments among one another," he observed, underscoring the need of cooperation, collaboration and co-existence among three-tier of government.

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