Scorching heat affects life in Terai

By Dhirendra Prasad Shah, Rajbiraj, Aug. 28: Scorching  heat for the past five days has crippled normal life  across the Terai.

The excessive heat from early in the morning to late evening has had no mercy to the people of Saptari, Siraha, Sunsari, Dhanush and other Terai districts.

Due to scorching heat, people have stopped coming out of their houses unless it is urgent.

Even the wind that blows there feels warm. Even the ceiling fan cannot cool down the temperature, the people aren’t happy at all, said Pradeep Kumar Jha of Rajbiraj-9.

“Whether the people put on clothes or don’t, they’re getting drenched in sweat.”

Excessive heat has caused trouble to all farmers, labourers, students, and others. Movement of the people has become nil in the marketplaces in Kanchanpur, Kalyanpur, Hanuman Nagar, Mahuli, Rupani Kathauni, and other areas of the district  during the day time.

Since the customers do not visit the market during the day, the businesses have also been hit hard, said the local businessmen.

 The private schools have been operating since early morning whereas the public schools in its regular timing. However, the number of students in public schools has decreased due to hot weather,  said Principal of Rajowati Secondary School Dharma Dev Shah.

Many elders as well as children have fallen sick due to heat.

Medical Superintendent of Gajendra Narayan Singh Hospital  Dr. Chumanlal Das said  many patients suffering from flu and typhoid  were vising the hospital.

Effect of the heat has also been noticed in the paddy fields.  Farmers said their paddy plants were dying in lack of rainfall for many days.

Meanwhile, life in Nawalparasi in the central Terai has also been affected by scorching heat for the past one week

The marketplaces have remained deserted as people stop coming out of their houses, said  Birendra Parajuli of Kawasoti.

The excessive heat has affected educational institutions, labourers as well business people.

Dr. Chhabilal Thapa of Kali Gandaki Hospital said flow of patients having flu, common cold, diarrhea, and typhoid have increased in the hospital.   

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