Gorkha students still lack textbooks, stationery

Gorkha, June 16: Schoolchildren in Gorkha district started attending their schools since June 31 but have to face the problems to manage textbooks and stationery goods for they were buried in the debris of the collapsed houses.

Thousands of houses were damaged in the district due to April 25 earthquake and aftershocks.

The local market could not supply the textbooks, copies, pens and even ink. The school children even have no uniform with them for they were buried in the collapsed houses.

Many children could not manage the educational materials as they have to pass through acute deficiency of budget even for food while some those who could manage budget have no places to buy them for the stock of the educational materials in the local shops are buried. Local stationeries failed to transport the educational materials as rural roads and mule tracks are damaged.

"I am going to school but have no copies and pen," said Junu Ghale, VII Grader at Barpak-based Himalayan Higher Secondary School. She added, "We go to school with no bag, play and return home without reading any subjects."

The school organized various extra-curricular activities and entertained us for the two weeks so as to wash up the fears left by devastating quake. The school would take regular classes from June 17.

Pushpa Gurung, a 10th grader at Manikamdevi Secondary School said, "Let it aside to run classes at school. Villagers have not even found the safe place to live. The quake victims living temporary at Gupsidanda after their houses were collapsed in the April 25 earthquake and aftershocks have been thinking about to shift themselves to the safer places.

The schools at the district headquarters and some surrounding VDCs are re-opened and classes are run smoothly but in the VDCs including Barpak,Gumda, Ghyachok, and Lapu students are not mentally prepared to take regular classes. As many as 24 schools in the northern belt of Gorkha could not have smooth environment for classes though the school management and the teachers have been encouraging the villagers to send their children for class. They fear of further aftershocks and landslides for the slopes developed crakes and have the risks of landslide.

The famous trekking route to Mt Manaslu is collapsed and disrupted in 137 places.

The locals have been attempting to run classes in the damaged 495 schools on temporary structures constructed by using tent, and corrugated zinc sheets. As many as 3,200 classrooms are completely damaged by the earthquake.

A report of District Education Office (DEO), Gorkha, shows there are around 74,000 students attending classes on temporary structures in the district. 

Around 20 per cent textbooks are reported to have buried in the ravaged buildings that the DEO has been preparing to transport the books to the quake affected VDCs, said Hari Aryal, District Education Officer.

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