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It is not in everyone’s interest to indulge in the act of gum chewing, but once we do, we will find it very enjoyable and useful. It can’t be that a chewing gum will come without any flaws, but still a chewing gum has the potential to do you immense good.

I have been chewing gum since my childhood, but now I realise more than ever how I have benefitted from it. For both teachers and students alike, it is difficult to stay alert and awake during the long class hours in the hot summer afternoons. The simple act of chewing gum can help us stay alert and awake during classes and prevent us from having to miss a single lecture.

In addition, it has been proved that chewing gum increases the cognitive functions like concentration, memory and reaction. Such a mental boost comes from increased blood flow to our brains through chewing gum.

Chewing gum is a simple and casual act, but it can make our life easier by relieving stress and anxiety. It can be a good substitute for acts like nail biting, which many people do when they are nervous. Chewing gum can help them restore their calmness and make them feel good. It can give them a sense of coolness and confidence while walking through a street.

A very essential benefit of chewing gum is that it improves our eating habits. Chewing gum reduces our craving for food and keeps one’s mouth occupied, which greatly reduces calorie intake, and can help us maintain our fitness. Furthermore, gum chewing increases the flow of saliva and enhances our digestive capability, which can be a boon for those who have a weak digestive system. 

For most of the teenagers it is rather an act of fun, that is why gums are considered a teenager’s best friend.  It brings craziness in them, and they involve in the act of making bubbles out of the gum, something they enjoy whole-heartedly.

ut without a doubt, chewing gum doesn’t come without its drawbacks, and it has caused many problems for those who chew gum without taking into consideration its possible consequences.


Chewing gum for long hours without brushing your mouth can cause tooth decay due to the presence of sugar in most of them. For those who have such problems, it is advisable to go for sugarless gums. In case you opt to take chewing gums with sugar, then you should brush your teeth immediately to prevent problems in your teeth.


Throwing chewing gum anywhere can be problematic. It destroys our clothing and even property. If we can ensure that we will dispose it in a proper place, we can enjoy chewing gum to the fullest.


Although chewing gum has minor flaws, which can be totally averted with a small effort, it contributes largely to the well-being of humans.

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