'New constitution on the mandate of two-third majority of people'

Biratnagar, Dec 14: Minister for Information and Communications Dr Minendra Rijal has said that a new constitution would be issued on the slated time as per the mandate of the two-third majority of the voters.


Inaugurating the 9th PABSON Sports Meet-2071 in Biratnagar today, Minister Rijal said  that the constitution would be issued on the basis of consensus if possible otherwise it would be finalized through voting process.  


He further said that the incumbent government could be extended if the constitution drafting process was assured.


Minister Rijal said the government has been receiving increasing development assistance from various friendly countries including US and China as the country moves towards stable peace and democracy. 


Adding to it, he said the power development agreement (PDA) of 900 megawatt hydropower has been signed recently and it symbolizes the country has moved on the way to development and prosperity.            

Sports are necessary for overall development of the students and it should be competed following its rules and regulation, he added.


About 400 students of 109 public schools are taking part in the sports competition.

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