New communicable disease detected in Kathmandu

Kathmandu, Dec 17: A new water-born communicable disease has been detected for the first time in Nepal.

Research is being undertaken as how the disease has entered Nepal, said the Division of Epidemiology and Disease Control.


According to the Division, the disease communicated through water has been detected in two patients in Kathmandu.


The Division has speculated that the disease might have been communicated to them from people arriving in Nepal via foreign countries.


As the water sample needs to be sent to foreign countries for lab test it takes a month to get reports, said Division Director Dr Baburam Marasini.


The Division is holding discussion to increase safety vigilance in different hospitals considering high sensitivity of the communicable disease.


The disease has the general symptoms of sneezing and cough, fever, respiratory complications and diarrhea.


Doctors have said that the virus of the disease reach to the lungs through respiration from water drop. It will result in severe Pneumonia if not treated timely.

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