Residents at risk do not want to shift

Banepa, July 24: Local residents of two of the nine VDCs in Kavre district, that have fallen under risk of landslide following the recent earthquake, have denied moving from their place of residence.

They do not want to leave their place of origin because there is lack of infrastructure and have expressed the possibility of coming under attack of wild animals in the proposed site, said local development officer of Kavre, Chiranjibi Timsena. The problem is especially related to Nagregarche and Chyamrengbesi, where even the recommendations of the geologists have not been followed, he added.

So far, 168 households of four affected VDCs have already been translocated. Those include 50 households in Tushare and Patlekhet of Pokharichauri, 33 households in Khar and 17 households in Rumdi, who have been transferred to private-owned land, according to natural disaster and relief committee.

Works are also underway to shift people at risk to landslides in other five VDCs, LDO Timsena said. Those shifted have received relief assistance including tarpaulin for temporary shelter. RSS

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