Complaints galore in District Natural Disaster Rescue Committee

Gorkha, Aug. 4: The complaints relating to irregularities and misappropriation in the distribution of relief amount and materials to the earthquake-affected communities have cross 9,000 in Gorkha district.

Assistant Chief District Officer Dipendra Poudel said that most of the complaints registered in the District Natural Disaster Rescue Committee were related to demand for investigations into the irregularities on relief materials’ distribution.

“The trend of filing plaints in the Committee is on the rise,” Poudel said. Most of the grievances are related to the relief materials taken by the bogus quake-victims, it is said.

Likewise, the quake-victims have also demanded for technical assessment of their quake-hit houses to put in the ‘A’ category meant for getting more relief amount.

The villagers have expressed dissatisfaction saying that reports of the technical assessment of their houses were prepared without visiting the doorsteps.

The local residents of Dhuwakot in the district have reached the Committee by seeking reassessment of their quake-hit houses. In response, Chief District Officer Uddhav Prasad Timalsena has pledged to resend the technicians’ teams in Dhuwakot for the assessment of the collapsed houses.

“We will probe whether the persons submitting the complaints are real quake victims. We will again collect the details if our technicians’ team had not been there earlier,” Poudel said.

Furthermore, the quake-hit people have also lodged applications demanding to provide ‘red card’ for them.

Likewise, the District Natural Disaster Rescue Committee has formed a sub-committee under the leadership of District Government Attorney Mahendra Bahadur Thapa to probe the alleged misappropriation in the relief distribution and other related areas. RSS

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