Revenue concession increasing access to land

Ilam, Aug. 8: People’s access to land is reported to have been increased after the Land Revenue Office in Ilam began giving concession in the transfer of ownership to the targeted group.

In the previous fiscal year, a total of 2,199 people including women, Dalit and the elderly enjoyed a concession in revenue charges worth Rs. 6.4 million, according to assistant officer Amrit Kunwar.

Likewise, the concession to the transfer of ownership of land for hydropower projects has also benefited many. A 75 per cent concession in given in the revenue charges for such projects.

As a result, 49 hydropower projects received Rs. 803,564 in the rural region and one hydropower project in the urban area received a concession of Rs. 88,020.

The office has also been provided 30 per concession in revenue charges to martyrs families and the people with disabilities, according to chief land revenue officer Thakur Prasad Sigdel. RSS

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