More than one lakh workers out of work

Pathari (Morang), Aug. 28 : The banda announced by the Samyukta Madhesi Morcha has left more than 100,000 labourers in the around 500 industries in the Morang-Sunsari Industrial Corridor out of work.

As the banda enforcers have not allowed the industries to run the workers have been left unemployed, according to Morang Industry Association. As a result, the industries have not been able to even export the final products while raw materials imported from outside the country have been left stranded in the customs.

The banda and its impact on the industries are taking huge toll especially on the daily wage labourers, says Sitaram Chaudhary, an industrial worker.

The tourism, education, health, transport and other sectors too have been suffering as a result of the banda. Schools, hotels, hospitals and government offices too wear a deserted look since the past few days.

The industries have been suffering a daily loss of around 150 million rupees considering the salary of the workers and staff, bank interest and storage fee at the customs, says executive secretary of the Association Somnath Adhikari. RSS

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