Black-marketer busted

Ratnanagar (Chitwan), Oct 7: A person was arrested for his involvement in black-marketeering of petroleum products in Chitwan on Tuesday. 

The police netted Khum Prasad Bhatarai, 43, of Madi municipality-5 of Chitwan for his alleged involvement in black marketeering of diesel and petrol.

According to the information provided by Chitwan Police Spokesperson Rajan Adhikari this morning, Bhattarai was arrested for illegally bringing petroleum products in drums and selling out at higher price.

The police team held him along with 160 litres of petrol and 140 litres diesel. Adhikari informed that he was found selling petro products at the higher price ranging Rs 200 to Rs 250 per litre using his vehicle (na 2 Cha 6446).

Bhattarai has been kept at the Chitwan District Police Office for investigation and will be taken action under the black marketeering case, Spokesperson Adhikari further informed.

Earlier too, police arrested one from eastern Chitwan and two from Bharatpur for allegedly involved in black marketeering of petro products. RSS

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