Even government offices apathetic to postal service use

Ratnanagar (Chitwan), Oct 18: It has been found that even the government offices and local bodies have been apathetic to the use of postal service in Chitwan.

Acting Chief of Chitwan Postal Office Srikrishna Nepal shared that even the District Development Committee, Bharatpur Sub-metropolis, Women Development Office and Financial Comptroller Office among others in Chitwan do not use the state-sponsored postal service.

The government and public offices are showing reluctance to use the service though the existing rule has stipulated for government offices to dispatch ordinary and registered letters through postal office, he said.

However, the District Administration Office is using the postal services. Among other users are the Chitwan are District Education Office, Office of Statistics, Survey, Revenue and Public Health. These offices are also not found to have been entirely using postal services.

The district has more than 40 government offices. The use of postal service by government offices is dismal in the district.

It is unfortunate for the government bodies remaining reluctant to use the public postal service even when the individuals are taking advantage of this, said the Office of Postal Service. RSS

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