Hospitals facing acute fuel shortage due to India;s blockade

Morang, Oct. 28: The proprietors of hospitals in Morang district have demanded the government to ease the regular supply of petroleum products to provide health care services to the patients.

They have also warned that the highly-essential services of the hospitals too would be closed if the petroleum products were not provided to the hospitals.

Services of nearly a dozen of hospitals in Biratnagar have been severely affected for fuel crisis in the recent days due to India’s unofficial blockade.

Director of Nobel Hospital in Biartnagar-5, Narayan Dahal, said that the highly-essential services catered by the hospital were affected due to lack of sufficient uels and asked the government to provide the petroleum products in an accessible manner.

He said that surgery, ICU service, CCU, hemodialysis, x-ray, video x-ray, ECG lab and other services were affected due to lack of the fuel supply. The hospital administration said that it needs 800 litres of diesel everyday to run its services unhindered.

Likewise, proprietor of Golden Hospital in Biratnagar-9, Sanatan Mandal, said that the District Administration Office, Morang, was providing just 300 litres of diesel against adding that the weekly demand of the hospital was as high as 700 litres.

Similarly, Executive Officer of Neuro Hospital in Biratnagar-14, Ranjitraj Basnet, said that they would face problems to run the hospitals if the existing situation of fuel crisis continues for long. He said that the administration was providing just 30 litres of diesel everyday which was just sufficient to provide the services for an hour.

He shared that the hospital would be closed within two days if the fuel crisis continues the same.

The hospitals in the district are also facing acute shortage of oxygen-filled cylinders. RSS

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