Morang hospitals lack medicines, vaccines

Morang, Nov. 1: As the unofficial blockade from India and agitations imposed by the Madhes-centric parties continue for two and a half months now, the health institutions in Morang district have faced crisis of medicines and vaccines. The regular vaccination to the infants is badly affected for lack of needed materials.

Information Officer at the District Public Health Office, Morang, Utsab Pokharel said that the inoculation service was affected in the district as the supply was badly hampered due to lack of petroleum products and the general shut down.

As high as 21,860 children get BCG, DPT, PCV, IPB and other vaccines from health volunteers in 250 different inoculation centre in the district.

Pokharel said that the Office was supplying the stock of the vaccines against polio, rubella and some other diseases through the motorcycles and ambulance though there was stock of BCG vaccine.

Likewise, almost all the health posts and sub-health posts in the district are run without medicines in the recent days. “There is no medicine except for pregnant women and children,” Chief of District Public Health Office, Morang, Bhanu Yognden said. RSS

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