Lawmakers suggest government to be serious in resolving problems

Kathmandu, Nov 8: Nepali Congress acting President Ram Chandra Poudel has suggested the government to resolve all kinds of problems with serious consideration to nation and nationality. 

Speaking at today's meeting of the parliament, leader Poudel urged the Tarai-centric parties to find a solution from the parliament.    

Leader Poudel blamed the government for not being serious to resolve the problems.  He urged the government to table the constitution amendment proposal in the parliament so as to resolve the Tarai problem soon. The proposal was forwarded by the NC led government in the past. 

Similarly, CPN (UML) lawmaker Rajendra Pandey said that the border blockade had hit the normal life in the country and schools, hospitals were also affected.  He added that the bill related to reconstruction authority was in progress. 

UCPN (Maoist) lawmaker Shree Prasad Jagebu said that India was violating the international laws by imposing border blockade and the government should seek out alternatives to overcome the problem.

Rastriya Prajatantra Party leader Sushil Shrestha said that the government was committed to resolving the right demands of Tarai based parties. He added that the country was facing a loss of over five billion rupees daily due to strike and protests in the Tarai.

Similarly, Federal Socialist Forum Nepal leader Ashok Rai said that the government failed to provide compensation to those killed in Tarai, treatment to injured people and he added that some protesters still in custody.

He further shared that the house meeting could not go ahead unless Tarai demands were resolved.  Different eight parties representing in the parliament were protesting in Tarai.

The parliament meeting was postponed for Monday 3:00 pm as it could not proceed due to obstruction by the Tarai-centric parties.

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