Memorandum submitted to UN against India’s blockade

California (USA), Nov. 18: The Non-Resident Nepalis Association (NRNA), USA, and different other social organisations based in the US have staged a demonstration in front of the UN Headquarters in New York and submitted a memorandum to the UN on Tuesday against India’s unofficial blockade on Nepal.

A large number of US citizens and Sikhs of Indian origin also expressed their solidarity in the demonstration staged against India’s unofficial blockade on Nepal.

President of NRNA, USA, Dr Keshav Poudel said that the demonstration was organised to draw attention of the UN to create environment conductive for resuming the supplies of goods from India to Nepal adding that there was no sign of lifting the blockade from India despite the humanitarian crisis in Nepal.

Vice-President of NRNA, USA, Ram C Pokharel said he never imagined that a neighbouring country would treat Nepal in such a way and added that he arrived in the UN Headquarters from Texas to take part in the agitation.

Likewise, issuing a press statement, Nepal America Journalists’ Association (NEAJA) has also condemned the India’s blockade on Nepal. RSS

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