Fishery flourishing in Chitwan

Chitwan, Feb 21: More people have opted for fish keeping as their occupation in Chitwan in the recent time, thanks to easy availability of water sources, environment favourable for fish keeping and government grants to farmers. 

Many farmers have switched to fish keeping by quitting the traditional farming every year in Chitwan, according to the record of the District Agricultural Development Office, Chitwan.
Currently, a total of 1,172 farmers are engaged in fish keeping in 504 hectares of watershed areas while the number of ponds for fish keeping stands at 2,073.
The annual fish production in Chitwan is over 2,000 metric tonnes, the Fishery Development Officer Parshuram Yadav said.
It is said that government subsidy has also promoted the farmers for fish keeping. Yadav said that government provided Rs 100,000 per hectare in grant for fish keeping in the last fiscal year while the grant amount is increased by three-fold this year. Altogether 194 farmers have lodged applications seeking government subsidy for fish keeping and the documents have been sent to the Department of Agriculture for the selection process, Yadav added.
He, however, said that the amount of government subsidy was frozen as the farmers could not construct the ponds for lack of excavators and other equipments after the April 25 ‘Gorkha Earthquake’. RSS

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