Bantawa a martyr after 37 years of demise

Ilam, March 5: Ratna Kumar Bantawa died while fighting the then autocratic Panchayat rule. He was declared a national martyr 37 years after his death.

Bantawa was one among the 22 Nepalis declared a martyr of the nation by the government on Wednesday. He was 27 years old when the then Panchayati rulers shot him dead at the jungle in Ibhang. Bantawa as the founding central member of the CPN-ML party, which later became the present ruling CPN-UML party.
"After many years of struggle, we are finally happy that he has been declared a martyr", said his nephew Agam Bantawa, who is also member of the UML central disciplinary commission. Agam also says that the state should invest in the name of Ratna in order to recognize his contributions.

A poly-technical institute is being constructed in the name of Ratna Bantawa at Sankhejung VDC of the district.

"We in the district are elated over the government's decision to honour a freedom fighter though quite late, we fully welcome this decision", UML district chair Ram Rana said. RSS

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