The Rising Nepal | Nation Bishnumati clean-up responsibility to wards 2017-07-20 Girl drowns in canal, drunken man falls into river 2017-07-19 Youth arrested for raping girl 2017-07-19 Dry landslide hits Jalbire section of Narayangadh – Muglin route 2017-07-18 54 – year – old woman murdered 2017-07-18 84-year-old arrested on charges of raping six-year-old 2017-07-17 Body of man swept away recovered 2017-07-17 Kailali records seven deaths from snakebite in three months 2017-07-16 Regmi elected head of RCCI's new executive committee 2017-07-16 Woman's skeletal remains found hanging from tree 2017-07-14